The patient’s provider is tightly integrated into QuikMedic’s workflow.

You know your patients best

With QuikMedic

QuikMedic provides an on-demand mobile urgent care solution to be deployed when a physician's patient needs it. We come in to handle urgent and emergent situations, monitor, follow-up visits as well as social determinants of health and HEDIS gap closures all in the home.


When addressing emergency calls physicians have no alternative to sending patients to emergency rooms.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Providers often lack an effective care delivery system to respond to urgent or emergent patients on a timely basis where they need it the most:

QuikMedics are trained to provide on-demand, high quality care at-home: 

Once the patient is stabilized under the physician’s order, QuikMedics can follow up and manage the patient up to three times a day. While in the home these follow-up visits provide opportunities to deal with the patient’s social determinants of health and gaps in care closure (eg. retinal eye exam, fecal occult blood, urine proteinuria screening, HBA1C, and blood pressure check).

This is not inclusive, subject to different activities, and services based on medical direction, oversight, etc.

You now have on-demand: rapid triage & dispatch, in-home medical assessments, monitoring & follow-up care, and transfers all with provider collaboration every step of the way.