By partnering with QuikMedic you have the chance to intervene in urgent and emergent situations with your patients and retrieve real-time data on how things are going in the home. 

Clinicians Are Directly Integrated Into Our Workflow

Step 1:

The patient or caregiver contacts the physician with a longitudinal relationship and the physician then makes the determination on whether to dispatch a QuikMedic. The physician will then initiate dispatch with a QuikMedic.

Step 2:

A QuikMedic evaluates and treats the patient per physician approved protocol and the PCP is contacted to provide supervision if the patient's condition is beyond protocol.

Step 3:

Based on the evaluation of the PCP, care is provided in place or the patient is transferred to a facility of the PCP’s choice.

Step 4:

If the patient is stabilized then under physician order our Medic can return to see the patient up to three times a day to monitor or administer other therapies until their condition is resolved.